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Anna Maseratti -

Now the waiter or waitress has greeted the table, brought the drinks, and taken the order, what next? Now we move onto the second of our waiter duties, which is to conduct Ongoing Table Maintenance. Duties that a waiter or waitress should expect to perform at this stage are:

  • Bring out food
  • Clearing empty plates
  • Refilling drinks
  • Bringing extra items requested by guests (ranch, bbq sauce etc)
  • Ensuring the food came out as desired
  • Clearing all plates at end of meal
  • Crumbing the table
  • Offering after dinner drinks and dessert
  • Cash handling (when processing the check)
  • Thanking the guest for coming in and assisting in any other ways

It is important to note that as a waiter or waitress, you will be performing these duties for every table in your station.